WONDERFUL - This is working great and will be VERY helpful..... thank you for being so attentive to our requests. It really affirms that we picked the right program.

— R. Aguilla - Evergreen MHP

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions.... we have answers

How long has OnSite Property Manager™ been around?

  Answer: OnSite Property Manager™ software was initially launched in 2002.

My printer is cutting off the edges of my deposit slips and documents, can I fix this?

  Answer: Yes, adjust your browser print margins according to the directions in the User Guide.

Can I backdate a payment or charge?

  Answer: Yes, you can enter a backdated transaction by changing the date at the time of entry.

Can I add a company logo to my statements, receipts, invoices, and work orders?

  Answer: Yes, upload your logo and use it to personalize your tenant communications.

Will your system allow me to keep prospective tenant information stored?

  Answer: Yes, you can store prospective and past tenant information with us.

Is there a record of all my voided transactions somewhere?

  Answer: A voided transaction report is available for those with report access.

Can I change a deposit after it's been recorded?

  Answer: Yes, a deposit can be changed anytime.

Can I track my escrow account activity?

  Answer: Yes, you can track your Security Deposits, PrePaid Rents, and more.

How can I let my property owner see what's going on with the property without giving Rent Roll access?

  Answer: We designed an online report that allows owners to view property status in real-time.

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