We love the ability to give our property managers control over their respective properties... with our head office being able to see them all.

— G. Fielding - Western Communities

How many users can I have?

As many as you want... for no extra charge!

It takes teamwork to run a property management business and we get that, so we let you give account access to as many users as you need, without any more cost. Add the whole team:

Administrators Multi-User Access
Property Managers
Maintenance Personnel

They don't all have to be in one office

Our software is web-based for accessibility from anywhere, anytime. Everybody gets a separate login and sets their own password. They can do their job whenever required.

They can all get different permissions

Based upon their management role, users can be given company wide access or limited to specific properties. Administrators get access to all information, but maintenance personnel only need access to their work order information. Even giving them contact information for your tenants is optional.

Want to give owners access to their reports?

Send them their own secure link for real-time viewing any time with no login or password required.

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