I have some tenants that start out weekly then go back to and forth to biweekly ... this makes it easy to take the money when they got it.

— T. Savante - Mid Town Rentals

Variable Rental Terms

Monthly, BiWeekly, Weekly, and Short Term

OnSite Property Manager™ handles variable rental terms seamlessly by giving you the option to set all your rates and deposits for any terms you use, then letting you change your tenant's term with the click of a button.

Variable Rental Terms

Personal economies can be tough ...

and you are able to set a payment schedule that works for your tenant so you don't have to worry about getting paid, and they aren't accumulating late fee charges that put them further in debt.

Business economies can be even tougher ...

in order to provide you the best value and ensure our software will work for your business, we allow you use of our property management software free for 60 days.

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