Tenants flow smoothly in and out

They come and go, some fast, some slow. Moving from prospective tenant to current tenant to past tenant is easy, and rents can be prorated automatically along the way. Don't worry about bumps in the road, we'll get you around them.

New to our software for property management but already have existing tenants?

No problem. Just enter their existing account balance and any escrow balances for security deposit or prepaid rent, and we'll track it from there.

Rental term changes needed along the way?

Change your tenant's rental term so payments can be made when their paycheck is in hand. Our variable rental terms including monthly, biweekly, and weekly make this possible. We will even show you the date when the next automated rent posting will occur for easy tenant communication.

Tenant transfer necessary?

Transferring tenants from one rental unit or rental property to another is a snap, and can be accomplished while automatically adding any transfer charges to their account. No matter the difference in rents and fees, whether less or more, we'll get it calculated for you so no money is lost in the shuffle.

Moving out?

It takes just a click to move out and automatically print their Property Condition Report/Statement Of Deposit Allocation. Then, store your past tenant information and documents in the software as long as you like

Move out by mistake?

No problem, your tenant can easily be moved back into their vacant rental unit.

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