Preformatted Letters

Personalized form letters made easy, Emailing made fast!

Whether it's a 3 Day Notice or a new lease, customize a template, and click to print or email your documents to a specific tenant, all tenants, or only the ones you select... It's your choice, and you have the option to automatically store a copy in their tenant docs.

Preformatted Letters

Specific information is "auto-magically" inserted by the system through the use of data elements. You can select what to auto-fill for each form letter. You can even leave room to type in some data at the time of printing (see blue highlight) if there is information you won't know until then.

Want to add your own custom forms?

Go ahead! A simple cut-and-paste will get you started, then insert the data elements, and let our software do the rest. The tenant's information such as name, address, rent amount, etc. will automatically populate into the document for easy printing and distribution. Plus, we will automatically store the documents you print or email to your tenants from the software ... no more scanning.

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