Thanks for the update I needed the most! No more calling back to the office to fax me documents when I travel. Kudos!

— M. Eastmond - Sierra Ridge Condos

Can OnSite store my tenant docs?

Yes, and much more!

The days of storing paper files are over

You need to have access to your tenant documents wherever you happen to be whenever it's time to work. Your files can be as mobile as you are.

You need to be able to store expense receipts and vouchers so everything is accessible and organized. No more misplaced pieces of paper, just scan or photograph and upload.

The days of online storage are here

You need to have property and rental unit pictures stored so they can be used repeatedly in your online vacancy listings. Upload once and you're done.

You need to upload attachments to work orders so tasks get done right the first time. Show your maintenance staff exactly what the problem is that needs to be fixed.

Unlimited storage for: Paperless Office
- Property pictures
- Rental unit pictures
- Tenant documents
- Rental unit documents
- Attachments to work orders
- Expense receipts
You got it!

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